Columbia Student Health Insurance/Waiver Rates & Forms

All returning students must enroll or waive the Columbia Student Health Plan each spring, or they will not be able to pre-register for fall classes. Incoming first-year students must enroll or waive the Columbia Student Health Plan once admitted. If waiving, you will need to provide proof of comparable coverage.

Here is a summary of key insurance information for the upcoming academic year:

Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan: The Columbia Plan ($4,463/year) provides robust medical and mental health coverage. The plan will always pay benefits in accordance with applicable New York State insurance laws.

For more detailed information about the Columbia University Student Health Plan, see this helpful site from Aetna, visit the benefit grid, and review the summary of benefits and coverage.

Optional Dental and Vision Insurance: In response to student feedback, Columbia Health is pleased to introduce a new voluntary vision plan ($65.00/year) in addition to the voluntary dental plan ($478/year). Click here to learn more about these programs

IN ADDITION TO HEALTH INSURANCE: Full-time students, interns, and all students living in seminary housing are required to pay the Columbia Health Services Fee regardless of whether or not they enroll in The Columbia Plan or demonstrate comparable proof of insurance. The Health Insurance fee for the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year is $1,220; $610 per semester. 

Part-time students, which also includes non-degree students taking less than 7 credits, must show proof of insurance although they are not required to pay the Columbia Health Services Fee unless their status changes to full-time. Part-time students may elect to pay the Columbia Health Services Fee to benefit from the health program and may enroll in The Columbia Plan. Click here to learn more about Columbia Health Services


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Columbia Student Health Plans Enrollment and/or Waiver

Student Health Plan (Enrollment only)
(Domestic) Student Health Plan (Waive only)
(Incoming) Int'l Student Health Plan (Waive only)
(Continuing) Int'l Student Health Plan(Waive only)