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Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a professional clinical education for ministry with people in crisis. Though most accredited centers are in hospitals, there are CPE programs in hospice, long-term care facilities, and in prisons. CPE is not required by Union for the M.Div. degree, but it is required by some denominations as part of the ordination process. Furthermore, CPE is required for professional training for a career in chaplaincy. Union gives up to 6 credits per CPE unit with prior approval of Prof. Su Yon Pak and with completion of the prerequisite, PS 110.

Directory of accredited CPE centers is available at:

Association of Clinical Pastoral Education

Further links to CPE opportunities:

Healthcare Chaplaincy contact Amy Strano

College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy

Center for Pastoral Education at Jewish Theological Seminary 

Students planning to receive Union credits for Clinical Pastoral Education must complete the following three steps:

(1) Students must obtain and complete a Request to Receive Academic Credit for Clinical Pastoral Education Form by clicking here, and (2) attach a copy of the prospective on-site supervisor’s acceptance letter or email to the Request. Deliver documents to Dr. Pak.

(3) After the specified internship, students must have the on-site supervisor send verification of the successful completion of one unit of CPE to Dr. Pak. A copy of the Completion of CPE Certificate will also be accepted. In addition, students enrolled in an extended CPE program should have their on-site supervisor send a brief interim report to Dr. Pak during the month of January. 

For further details about the possibility of meeting field education requirement through CPE, see the entries for FE/PS 363-364 or FE/PS 366Q in the Course Catalog. 

Current Opening in CPE Programs
Coming Soon!
Name Owner Date  
Greenwich Hospital CPE Program   Lisa Simon 5/19/2017 9:52:17 AM    
Greenwich Hospital’s Department of Spiritual Care offers a Clinical Pastoral Education Program for clergy, seminarians and qualified lay people. CPE enables the development of ministry skills in a clinical setting through interaction with patients, staff, peers and a supervisor.

2-Year Post-CPE Fellowship VA Conn. Healthcare Sys   Lisa Simon 5/3/2017 9:51:14 AM    
The post CPE fellowship provides two years of postgraduate research, education, and clinical learning opportunities to eligible physicians and associated health professionals (including chaplains, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, and social workers). Fellows spend approximately 75 percent of their time in research, program development, and education and 25 percent in clinical care. Mentors of national stature provide guidance to fellows in rich learning environments.

Fort Collins CPE now accepting Residency Apps!   Lisa Simon 4/21/2017 11:09:09 AM    
ACPE accredited CPE Residency program in Fort Collins, CO is accepting applications to its 12-month Residency program consisting of 3 units of Level I/II CPE. Clinical sites include healthcare, community, and senior-care ministry. This is a newly created program introducing CPE to the community.

CPE at Havenwood Heritage Heights in Concord, NH   Lisa Simon 12/6/2016 4:53:01 PM    
ACPE accredited Level I/Level II CPE in a vibrant faith-based retirement community in serene Concord, New Hampshire. Centered in a community dedicated to excellence in older adult spiritual care and end of life support, CPE interns are a welcome part of the staff and life at HHH.

Bellevue CPE Program has NEW SUPERVISOR!   Lisa Simon 11/30/2016 10:52:19 AM    
Chaplain Martin Montonye is replacing Rev. Paul Steinke at the Bellevue Hosp Ctr CPE program. During the transition, please use mmontonye@gmail.com to contact Chaplain Montonye for information AND to SEND IN YOUR APPLICATION. Bellevue program info: cpebellevue.com

Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich CT - Summer 2017 CPE   Lisa Simon 11/16/2016 10:04:32 AM    
• 10-week program • June 1 through August 3, 2017 • Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 am to 1 pm • 30 clinical hours per week, plus written assignments • Tuition: $600. Scholarships available.

Northwell Lenox Hill Extended CPE Spring 17   Lisa Simon 10/18/2016 4:30:56 PM    
Northwell Health Chaplaincy Services is announcing an ACPE extended unit CPE program at Lenox Hill Hospital (upper east side of Manhattan) in January of 2017. Runs Wednesdays 2-7pm, Jan 4 - May 19.

NYU Langone Medical Center Extended & Summer Units   Lisa Simon 9/14/2016 10:51:07 AM    
NYU Langone Medical Center is rated among the top 10 hospitals nationwide. Our Clinical Pastoral Education program provides students an opportunity to train as spiritual care providers in a dynamic professional environment, caring for a culturally rich and religiously diverse population.

St. Luke's University Hospital (Bethlehem PA)   Lisa Simon 5/3/2016 11:23:40 AM    
Our ACPE accredited programs are: an extended internship in Fall & Spring (1 Unit), an 11-week summer intensive (1 Unit), and a post-graduate 53-week Residency (3 Units). We work on self-reflection, boundary exploring & setting, communication skills, & being safely in and among conflict.

Prison CPE - Center for Pastoral Education at JTS   Lisa Simon 4/22/2016 11:15:19 AM    
The Center for Pastoral Education at Jewish Theological Seminary is launching a brand new Prison CPE program for JTS and UTS students! They will offer a part-time program during the 16-17 academic year and a full-time summer program during summer 2017. Rabbi Joanna Katz, Jewish Chaplain at Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Facility, and ACPE Supervisor Allison Kestenbaum will be running the program. They are now accepting applications for the program. If you are interested in applying, please send a quick email to Bryan Brown at brbrown@jtsa.edu so they can get a sense of the level of interest.
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