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Prayer & Worship

Worship is the fulcrum where theology, Bible, deeply held traditions, imagination, and passion for justice at Union Seminary intersect. Troy Messenger, Director and Visiting Assistant Professor of Worship, and the team of resourceful Chapel Ministers, oversee a vibrant program of Daily Chapel at noon in the ever-changing environment of Union’s James Chapel. Check out the schedule of upcoming worship here. Professor of Worship Janet Walton says, " Our worship evolves continuously, open to the multiple new ways God is known - whether expressed in word, in music, or in the revelation of our bodies. It is the profound questions of the meanings of life and death that urge us to scrutinize unrelentingly the quality of our worship, to make certain our prayer is expressive of an honest, attentive partnership with God, with all humanity and all the urgings of this world.”

Worship also finds expression in a myriad other gatherings of students, faculty, and staff who explore more deeply particular practices and traditions.  A weekly Catholic mass, women’s Gregorian Chant vespers, prayer groups, meditation and more provide additional opportunities for spiritual formation and worship. 

Meet the Team

Janet Walton, Professor of Worship

Troy Messenger, Director and Visiting Assistant Professor of Worship

Kimberley Debus, Chapel Minister and Production Assistant

Ashley Birt, Chapel Minister

Kristen Guest, Chapel Minister

Lindsey Nye, Chapel Minister

AJ Turner, Chapel Minister

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