Registrar Resources for Faculty & Advisors

Class Rosters

View rosters frequently at the start of the semester through the add/drop period.

Governance Calendar

View the 2021 - 2022 Faculty Governance Calendar

Roster-Attendance Report

Use this form to report discrepancies between your FAWeb roster and class attendance. Reports will be reviewed by the Registrar to ensure that class rosters are correct. Please note that only students listed in FAWeb are enrolled in Blackbaud SIS.

Project/Thesis/Extended Paper Evaluation Rubric

This document is meant to serve as a general guide for faculty to read and review students' papers/projects; faculty should use their own discretion in adapting this rubric to the assignment.

Final Grading

View the academic calendar for grading deadlines. Instructions for entering final grades are available here.

Advising Note for Registration

After meeting with advisees in the Fall and once permission to register is given, follow these instructions so that the Registrar can remove the hold preventing first-year students from registering for Spring courses. 

Sign in to FA Web Here

Course Submissions

Faculty, complete this form when adding a new course to the Union curriculumIf approved, the below form must also be submitted to be added as a semester offering.

Faculty, complete this form, for existing courses, when submitting course offerings for an academic year.