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Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Awards

The Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Awards, established in 1994, bear witness to the faith and perseverance of living Union alumni/ae who exemplify the Seminary’s academic breadth, its diversity and inclusiveness, and the range of vocations its graduates follow. Recipients represent all of the Union graduates who have distinguished themselves in the church, academy, and society across the country and around the world.

2016 Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Award Recipients

Dr. Victoria J. Barnett, M.Div. 81, is Director of the Programs on Ethics, Religion and the Holocaust at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum where she works with scholars of religion and leaders of all faith communities who teach and engage the history of the Holocaust and its legacy. In that capacity, she is developing multi-religious models for understanding the Holocaust and has worked with a number of multi-religious organizations. Her own scholarship has focused on the history of the German Confessing Church under National Socialism and the responses of the international interfaith and ecumenical communities during that era.

More recently she has focused on the dynamics of interfaith contention and dialogue, and she is writing a historical study of the National Conference of Christians and Jews in the United States during the early twentieth century. She is also known for her work on the theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and from 2004 – 2014 she served as one of the general editors of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, the seventeen-volume English translation of Bonhoeffer’s complete works that was published by Fortress Press.

She is a graduate of Indiana University, Union Theological Seminary, and George Mason University.  She is the author of For the Soul of the People: Protestant Protest against Hitler (Oxford University Press, 1992) and Bystanders: Conscience and Complicity during the Holocaust (Greenwood Press, 1999). She has translated several books and published numerous articles and book chapters on the role of religious leaders and institutions during the Holocaust.

Dr. Clifford J. Green, STM ’64, Th.D. ’72, is Professor Emeritus of Theology at Hartford Seminary and former Executive Director of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works English Edition.  After completing his Th.D. on Dietrich Bonhoeffer with distinction in 1972, he served as Founding President of the International Bonhoeffer Society, English Language Section, from 1972 to 1992.

During a teaching career of 34 years at Wellesley College, Goucher College, and Hartford Seminary, Green not only helped organize the international Congresses of the Bonhoeffer Society and also the Bonhoeffer Archive at Union, but above all, devoted himself to scholarship, to preserve Bonhoeffer’s legacy and interpret his theology and life.

In the 1980s Green began working as a co-editor with German colleagues on one of the major theological publishing projects of the 20th century, the 17-volume complete works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In the 1990s he became chair of the Editorial Board and Executive Director of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works English Edition, working with a team of more than thirty translators and editors around the world, especially the General Editor, Dr. Victoria Barnett, to complete the English translation in 2014. 

In the same year, in recognition of his scholarship and leadership in the field of Bonhoeffer studies, Green was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa, by the University of Aberdeen. He is the author, editor, co-editor, and translator of numerous books, articles, and other publications. 

Dr. Ann Belford Ulanov, M.Div. ′62, Ph.D.′67, is a Jungian psychoanalyst in private practice and Christiane Brooks Johnson Memorial Professor Emerita of Psychiatry and Religion at Union. Her teaching and research focus on issues of prayer and the spiritual life, aggression, anxiety, fantasy and dream, identity, and the feminine.  Her numerous lectures and speaking engagements have taken her to professional gatherings throughout the U.S. and abroad; she was particularly in demand in the aftermath of 9/11 for her message about the relationship between religion and aggression, understanding unconscious processes, and the need for healing the psyche, which she sees as the most crucial deterrent to violence in the world. 

A member of the International Association for Analytical Psychiatry, the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, and the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, Ulanov has also served on numerous editorial and advisory boards. She is the author of countless articles and many books, including The Female Ancestors of Christ (2015); Madness and Creativity (Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology, 2013); The Unshuttered Heart: Opening to Aliveness and Deadness in the Self (2007); Spirit in Jung (2005); Spiritual Aspects of Clinical Work (2004); and Attacked by Poison Ivy: A Psychological Study (2002), among others. 

She is the co-author, with her late husband Barry Ulanov, of Religion and the Unconscious; Primary Speech: A Psychology of Prayer; Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying; The Witch and The Clown: Two Archetypes of Human Sexuality; The Healing Imagination; and Transforming Sexuality: The Archetypal World of Anima and Animus.

The Rev. Dr. Raphael B. Warnock, M.Div. ’94, Ph.D. ’06, is Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta where he has served since 2005. Ebenezer has long been prominent in the Civil Rights movement; the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was co-pastor there from 1960 to 1968, and Warnock continues in that eminent tradition. 

He has been an outspoken and influential voice for racial equality and social justice. As a pastor, he sees the entire community as his parish.  He has launched new ministries to help individuals and families improve their own life outcomes and live healthier and more prosperous lives; defended voting rights in his own state of Georgia; challenged our criminal justice system; stood up for Troy Davis, Trayvon Martin, and others; and furthered numerous other enterprises of social activism. 

In 2010 he took an HIV/AIDS test in front of his congregation as part of the National Week of Prayer for Healing of AIDS to counter the general perception that AIDS — along with the dicey issues of sexuality, gays, and morality that it encompasses — doesn't register as it should within black churches.

Warnock’s perspective has been sought by the media locally, nationally, and internationally; he has been featured on the CBS Evening News and in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, which hailed him as “a fitting heir to the mantle once worn by The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Under Warnock, more than 3,000 new members have joined Ebenezer; over $5 million in capital improvements have been made to the Sanctuary and Educational Building; he has raised $8.5 million to build the MLK, Sr. Community Resources Complex; and his message of salvation and liberation has gone forth from his congregation to the world. But he is equally comfortable in a small, country church or an urban storefront.

Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Award Recipients

Gay L. Byron ’92, ’99
Sally N. MacNichol ’87, ’05
John Curtis Raines ’59, ’67
William L. Wipfler ’65, ’78

Calvin O. Butts III ‘75
Anne Rebecca Elliot ‘91, ‘98
Katharine Rhodes Henderson ‘82
Margaret Catherine Pols ‘64

Luis Cortez, Jr. ‘81
Kelly Brown Douglas ‘82, ‘88
Christopher Morse ‘68, ‘76
Steven C. Rockefeller ‘63, ‘73

David Gushee M.Phil. '87, Ph.D. '93
Andrea Smith M.D.iv. '97
Thomas J. Philipp M.Div. '62
Dennis Wiley M.Phil. '85, Ph.D. '88

Rev. John Collins '61
The Rt. Rev. Disani Christopher Senyonjo '66, '67
The Rev. Dr. William Epps '69
Dr. Elizabeth M. Bounds '86, '94

Wayne C. Hartmire '60
Dwight N. Hopkins '84 '87 '88
Mary Evelyn Tucker '82 '85
Walter Wink '59 '63

Debra W. Haffner '02
Mark S. Hanson '72
John W. Kinney '79
Larry L. Rasmussen '70
Phyllis Trible '56, '63
George W. (Bill) Webber '48, '64

Frederick Buechner '58
William C. Gaventa, Jr. '72
Anne Hale Johnson '56
Susan Deborah King '73
Andrew R.C. McLellan '69
John Weaver '68
Delores S. Williams '91

William E. Gibson '51, '72
Coleman B. Brown '59, '79
Lloyd W. Chapin '61, '67
Mark Juergensmeyer '65
Penna Rose '68
Barbara Gerlach '71
John Mack '71
Marvin A. McMickle '73
Katie Geneva Cannon '83

Paul D. Clasper '50, '53
Bernice Powell Jackson '91
Mineo Katagiri '44 (posthumously)
Daisy L. Machado '81
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer '77
LeRoy Patrick '42, '46 (posthumously)
Margaret E. Towner '54
Kang Won-Yong '56 (posthumously)


Malcolm Boyd '56
Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz '85
John D. Miller '70
Paul Sherry '58


Priscilla Chaplin '57
Edward Farley '58
Gerre Hancock '61
Judith Hancock '61
Edward L. Long, Jr. '48
Joseph L. Roberts, Jr. '59
John D. Twiname '83

Suzan Johnson Cook '83
Walter Harrelson '49
Roy I. Sano '57

James A. Forbes, Jr. '62
Beverly W. Harrison '56
William J. Shaw '57

Brenda G. Husson, D.D. '83
Chan Kook Kim '55
Richard I Rodriguez '69 (won the award in ’99 received the award in ’00)
Charles Shelby Rooks '53

Joseph B. Ingle '73
William J. Nottingham '53
Letty M. Russell '67

Carter Heyward '71
Roger L. Shinn '41
Robert A. Warrior '92

Robert S. Baker '40
Quentin J. Faulkner '75
Heidi R. Hadsell '74
Marilyn J. Keiser '65
T. Guthrie Speers, Jr. '53
David K. Suh '66
William D. Watley '80

Dorothy C. Bass '72
Donald L. Benedict '49
Jacquelyn Grant '82
George M. Houser '41
Peter D. Latuihamallo '50

Alvin A. Carmines '61
Alisa R. Del Tufo '81
Douglas J. Hall '56
Mary Ann Lundy '57
Olivia P. Stokes '52

John C. Bennett '27
Walter Brueggemann '61
Gonzalo Castillo-Cardenas '62
Hyun Kyung Chung '87
Ella P. Mitchell '43
Melvin E. Schoonover '56
Nancy H. Sehested '78
John R. Sharp '66
Preston R. Washington '75
Roberta B. Wiersma '35



Nomination Procedure

All are welcome to submit nominations for the 2013 Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Award. The nomination process is as follows:

  • Download the Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Award nomination form (PDF). Complete and submit the form with supporting materials to the mailing address listed below.
  • Each nomination should include as much detail about the nominee as possible, e.g. articles or other publications, curriculum vitae, newspaper clippings or other citations. Providing the name and contact information of another person (e.g. – family member, student, colleague, etc.) who could give additional information about the nominee would also be helpful supporting documentation.

All completed nominations must be received no later than January 31, 2013. Nominations will be reviewed by the Alumni/ae Council and then recommend to the president for approval and final selection.  Please contact Kevin McGee with any questions.

Please send all nominations with supporting documents to the following address:

Kevin McGee
Director of Special Events & Annual Fund
3041 Broadway
New York, NY 10027 

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