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M.Div. Program Guide 
M.Div. Degree Planner 
(For Most Concentrations)
M.Div. Degree Planner (For Islam and Interreligious Engagement Concentration)
M.Div. Degree Planner (For Buddhism and Interreligious Engagement Concentration)
M.Div. / M.S.S.W. Degree Planner (Joint Degree with Columbia University School of Social Work)

M.A. Program Guide
M.A. Degree Planner

S.T.M. Program Guide
S.T.M. Degree Planner

Thesis Instructions 
Thesis Proposal Template
M.Div. Thesis Proposal Form 
M.A. Thesis Proposal Form
S.T.M. Extended Paper Application Form

If your research involves work with live human subjects (e.g., interviews, focus groups), please review Union's Institutional Review Board (IRB) guidelines and complete an IRB application form as needed. IRB FAQ.


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Ph.D. Handbook 2016-2017
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Ph.D. Advisor Assessment Form
Ph.D. Program Planning Form
Ph.D. COMP Exam Report Form
Proposal for Doctoral Dissertation Form
Doctoral Dissertation Defense Form


Comp Template for Biblical Field I - Old Testament 
Comp Template for Biblical Field II - New Testament 
Comp Template for the History Field 
Comp Template for the Interreligious Engagement Field 
Comp Template for the Theology Field 
Comp Template for Psych & Religion


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M.Div. Program Guide 2016-2017
M.Div. Degree Planner 2016-2017 
M.Div. Course Planning Worksheet
M.Div. Program Guide (2015-2016) 
M.Div. Degree Planner (2015-2016) 
M.Div./M.S.S.W. Degree Planner (2015-2016) 

M.A. Program Guide 2016-2017
M.A. Degree Planner 2016-2017 
M.A. Program Guide (2015-2016) 
M.A. Program Planner (2015-2016)
M.Div./M.S.S.W. Degree Planner 2016-2017
STM Program Guide 2016-2017
STM Program Planner