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Final Exam Schedule - Spring 2016                  
Summer 2016 Course Offerings
Course Catalog 2016-2017
Extension Request Form - Spring 2016
Schedule of Classes - Fall 2016
Schedule of Classes - Spring 2017
Academic Calendar 2016-2017
Academic Calendar 2017-2018 (TBA)
New Course Proposal Form
Guided Reading Form
Course At Another Institution Form
Guidance for Returning Students, Fall 2015


M.Div. Program Guide (Fall 2015)
M.Div. Degree Planner (Fall 2015)
M.Div./M.S.S.W. Degree Planner (Fall 2015)
M.A. Program Guide (Fall 2015)
M.A. Program Planner (Fall 2015)
Funding Request Form for Students Presenting at Academic Conferences

Union Student Handbook
Union International Student Handbook


Final Exam Schedule - Spring 2015
Extension Request Form -Spring 2015
2014-2015 Academic Calendar
Course Catalog 2014-2015
Course Schedule Spring 2015 
Changes & Additions 2014-2015
Changes & Additions (2015 Edition)
General Academic Information
Academic Credit Policy
UTS Transfer Credit Policy
Course Catalog 2013-2014
Course Catalog 2012-2013 
Course Catalog 2011-2012
Course Catalog 2010-2011 
Course Catalog 2009-2010
Course at Other Schools Permission Form
Guided Readings – Policy
M.Div. Course Planning Worksheet
Program Focus Declaration form (for MDiv) 
Program Focus Requirements (for MDiv)
Thesis Instructions 2015-2016
MDiv Thesis Declaration Form 
MA Thesis Declaration Form
STM Extended Paper Declaration Form
CPE for Academic Credit

PhD Policies & Procedures 2015-2016
PhD Yearly Self Assessment Form
PhD Advisor Assessment Form
PhD Program Planning Form
PhD COMP Exam Report Form
Proposal for Doctoral Dissertation Form
Doctoral Dissertation Defense Form